Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Breakup Poems For Boyfriend

3) You didn’t just breakup with me

You broke apart my entire life

Happy Birthday Quotes For Boyfriend

Now I am not even your girlfriend

When I dreamt of becoming your wife

You didn’t just leave me alone

You were more than happy to let me go

Beware of what happens in your life now

Because you will reap what you sow

4) My ego is not going to hurt

By confessing that I still love you

I am regretting the fact

That we couldn’t see our relationship through

Happy Birthday Quotes For Girlfriend

I am not going to feel small

By accepting, that in my life you played a big part

I am also not going to feel ashamed

To hold you responsible for breaking my heart

5) I am not unhappy

Because you broke up with me

I am unhappy

Because my love, you could not see

I am not unhappy

That we weren’t meant to be

I am unhappy

Because you never really loved me

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